Monday, November 30, 2009

Star wreath all finished

Well here it is all finished. To be honest I'm not that impressed with it, It was a nightmare to do and really annoying.I say this as I had it all set out looking great and then I had to glue the stars down on to wreath base, this is where it went wrong. Once they were stuck I couldn't jig them about so it's not really in a circle as it probably should be.

Anyway enjoy!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Star Wreath

Here is a few pictures to show you an out of the page project I am working on from kaiserkraft. The pictures are of how it first looked when i started.A picture of how it looked once painted. The final picture is of how it looks right now covered in Patterned paper. When i finish it I will take pictures of it completed.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Holidays

Here is a layout I made for a challenge over at scrapbook challenges, This one was an scrap lift so all I had to do was do same layout as the lady who gave us the challenge, easy as.....

Mines is a layout using a picture from Lucy's 1st Christmas

Happy Scrapping

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So Very Clever

Here is a layout with a picture of Lucy feeding herself for the very first time ever.It was such a laugh me running around trying to get a camera before she let go of the bottle, I was meant to be a scrapper lol the amount of pictures I have taken, If only i had the time to scrap them all lol.Never mind I'm sure one

day I shall be up to date...or not

Monday, November 23, 2009

Scrap space

Here is the little corner of our living room that i create all my layouts. it always looks this tidy as i like organisation, I find it easier to work when its tidy as i know where everything is and don't have to search etc. The only time it is a mess is while i make a layout but it all gets tidied away before i start on the next one. I did have alot more materials than this but I just sold of lots of my old bits and bobs that weren't getting used, you know stickers that you use half off etc, as we are moving i didn't see the point in taking all the rubbish with me. I used to work on the dining table but found it a pain having to clear it away all the time. Since i bought this wee fold away table I have found i scrapbook more as everything is there I don't need to get everything out before i start etc. Once I am in the new house I will have my own scrap booking room so will be really cool. I will get nice shelving etc for all the things to get organised better than they are now. This will give me more space to work on as everything wont be sitting on my work space. Anyway hope you like my workspace, it suits me for now .


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santa's Grotto

Here is a layout i have been working on recently. I made this layout using my happily ever after cartridge from my cricut, and lots of stampin up paper.Sorry that its not a great picture of it , I can never get lighting right . I am going to enter this one into a Christmas challenge over at craftykats to win lots of christmas goodiesI hope.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Well here is the 2nd layout from the sketch challenge.


Shark attack

Here is the 1st of 3 layouts to be completed as part of Monday layout sketches. I better get a move on as they due another sketch out today yikes

Well here is the first one finished , I used my gypsy to cut out the circle and letters. What I love is that you can design your layout on the one screen without having to go back and forth changing cartridges etc so very handy if you doing fonts and pictures etc

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gypsy has arrived

Well as the title tells you , it arrived in the mail this morning, I am very excited i must say.

I have loaded the updates and all of my cartridges now i have to learn how to use it lol, Had a look around it but lost lol so I'm away to read the online manual before i try it out for real

wish me luck

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here is the next sketch I am going to play from, looks a good one. Probably wont get this done until end of the week though as a busy couple of days (sooner if I can help it lol) I got this sketch from .I'm becoming a sketchaholic lol but they really do help ,though mine never turn out the same as the sketches but then i guess that's what its all about.

Happy scrapping

Ok here is my version of the sketch, I didn't do the circle though sorry. I used my new gypsy to cut out the title.



Here is the next sketch I am going to work on. This is from Kat over at

Well here is my layout, Not sure if I like it though, and don't ask me why lol.

I took layout apart and matted the papers and scalloped the edge, but i still hate the layout, oh well we cant have it all(new one is the top picture)


Here is another sketch this time from the girls over


i worked on this last night and completed it this morning. I really love this layout as it is clean and simple. I moved the title as i felt it balanced my page out better.


Monday, November 16, 2009


Well its sketch time again over at Sketchabilities. I am going out for lunch with a friend but will get started on this asap. Pop over to their site and see what the design team came up with.

Well managed to sit down and get this one done, I'm quite please with this layout. Hope you like it to.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here is the next sketch I am working on to make a cool layout. This time its from the girls over at scrapsketch who came up with this fab design.

I will be back later to show you my design.

Well here is the finished layout, I loved doing this layout and it only took me an hour, wow

Hope you like it

Feed the birds

Here is a layout that i am working on right now, Its using sketch from the girls over at sketchabilities. I will upload the layout as soon as I'm done with it

Well here it is, hope you like it.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

4 generations

This picture means alot as it is the only one I have with the 4 of us in one together. Baby Lucy, mum, gran and supergran ahhhhh

Kid at heart

I love this picture of Lucy and the wee cheeky face she is pulling

I cased this from the Q1 Kaisercraft magazine as I just loved the layout, Its not 100% exact but close enough. I just added my own wee touches, I.e the brad on the ribbon flower is not a brad from the collection as I didn't have any.It is a plain white brad with a circle cut out from the child's play papers to fit it. anyway I hope you love this layout as much as I do

Mix and Match

This is a picture taken of Lucy in the garden.

This layout was made using old scraps left from some Kaisercraft papers and diamante's , felt buttons, ribbons and flowers, Oh and of course my cricut. I absolutely love this layout i just think it is different.


When we first moved into this rental we bought deckchairs to use in the lounge as we were waiting on our container coming over from the UK. This is a picture of how Lucy sat on it.

This layout is made using all kaisercraft papers and rub-ons ( I totally cased this out of the Q1 magazine as i loved the design)

Ngamoto beach

This is a layout using pictures of Lucy at the beach last summer, she had a ball.

Layout made using Kaisercraft papers and my cricut.


This is Lucy wearing a cute raincoat and Wellies(gumboots) set that her auntie Lainy bough her for her birthday last year.I actually took these pictures as my godmother wanted some pics of the back of raincoat.

Layout done using Kaisercraft papers and my cricut

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Making Waves

Here is a layout i made using pictures from a day at the pool down the road from us. Look at the picture of the fish, how cool are the bubbles. I made them using crystal effects from Stampin Up.

Discovery Cove - Florida

Here are 2 layouts I made using pictures from our holiday in Florida last year. We had a fabulous day out at discovery cove and it was definitely well worth the money. The only downfall was that Lucy was too young to swim with the dolphins but atleast they let her in after our swim to get a kiss from them. She had a ball.

Pretty in Pink

This is a picture of Lucy playing with her magnets, I love this wee outfit but of course she has outgrown it :( I made this layout using my Cricut, I love this machine.
I uploaded this layout for the sketch Dont you think it suits it perfectly.

Sunny Days

Here are 2 more layouts I made, though I don't know if I actually like the papers I used here.Don't ask me why as I don't know lol.
these are lots of pics taken on Easter of this year

Wonderful daughter

This is a double layout i done at a friends house last month using the fabulous Parisian breeze designer papers from Stampin Up, I love them. I also love the buttons I used on it, in fact I have used a full pack already and have just bought another. I just love the colours

The pictures are just random pictures I had of Lucy out and about in Inglewood that I put together

So Cute

These are 2 layouts I made recently. The one on the left is from pictures we took of Lucy last summer during a picnic at this lovely spot 5 minutes drive from us. I love the picture of Lucy spinning around and have wanted to scrapbook this for ages. The pic on the right is from our Florida pictures, one where she had her face painted at animal kingdom and the other was off her fast asleep in our limo after we got married
Both pages are using all Stampin Up products

One of a Kind

Here are 2 layouts I worked on at stampin up workshops. The one on the left is a layout using pictures from our fantastic day swimming with dolphins last year in Florida

The one on the right is a Picture of me and my supergran, it was taken during my leaving party last Nov, she truly is one of a kind, love you gran xx

My Scrapbooking

Well one of the things I have taken up since coming here to NZ is scrapbooking, it is huge over here and I am so glad I discovered it. When I make layouts I will take a picture and share with you on here so you can see the cool things you can do. happy watching

Caz :)