Monday, November 23, 2009

Scrap space

Here is the little corner of our living room that i create all my layouts. it always looks this tidy as i like organisation, I find it easier to work when its tidy as i know where everything is and don't have to search etc. The only time it is a mess is while i make a layout but it all gets tidied away before i start on the next one. I did have alot more materials than this but I just sold of lots of my old bits and bobs that weren't getting used, you know stickers that you use half off etc, as we are moving i didn't see the point in taking all the rubbish with me. I used to work on the dining table but found it a pain having to clear it away all the time. Since i bought this wee fold away table I have found i scrapbook more as everything is there I don't need to get everything out before i start etc. Once I am in the new house I will have my own scrap booking room so will be really cool. I will get nice shelving etc for all the things to get organised better than they are now. This will give me more space to work on as everything wont be sitting on my work space. Anyway hope you like my workspace, it suits me for now .


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wustaz said...

wow, your scrap area is so neat and tidy. I need you to come over and work your magic with my stuff LOL