Sunday, December 27, 2009

OMG Sneak Peak Heaven

I just went on the Kaiserkraft blog there and they have up these sneak peaks of their Q3 ranges and I have got too say I think these could be my faves off all their papers yet, I seriously could not choose one of the six as a favourite they are all just beautiful. They seem to have changed the format of

their releases as previously they released the full 6 ranges straight off , where as this time they are doing 2 each per month which i actually like as it means I'm not off rushing to get them all at same time, though its going to kill me having to wait probably. This is the first Quarter that i have wanted each of the 6 different ranges , honestly i love them all.... Liz get your stock ready, I'm going to be nocking your door on release day lol

Here are the range names and release month

Picture 1 - Made with Love - January release
Picture 2 - Devonshire - February release
Picture 3 - Shaken not stirred - January release
Picture 4 - La Di Da - February release
Picture 5 - Gypsy Sisters - March release
Picture 6 - Peachy Keen - March release

How excited am I , how will I wait for these lol
Happy Scrappin

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Jana Eubank said...

Ooooo! I haven't seen these yet! Great sneaks! Thanks for sharing!