Sunday, January 10, 2010


Just thought I would post this on here as i had saw the discussion in another NING site. Do any of you feel that where you live you just don't have the supplies that you see others using on forums etc, I know i certainly do stuck out in NZ it seems to me it is the hardest place in the world to buy everything and I'm not just talking about scrap booking gear. ( and i promise I'm not knocking our Local Scrapbooking Stores as believe me I am very fortunate to have one in my street,and boy was she missed during the holidays,But we just dont seem to get the stuff that everyone in the Us can probably as postage wayyyyy to expensive),Another problem i have is i see a club i fancy but the postage is fortunes so therefor not worth it. Well i finally found 2 clubs that offer really cool kits and good postage costs. I have joined 2 clubs simply to top up on what i can get in NZ. The 2 i have went with are subscriptions but you can cancel at any time and also if you wish to skip a months kit cos you don't fancy it then its no problem. The 1st one i went with is and i received my first kit last week omg it is jam packed i also won the same kit at a sketchy Thursday challenge the week after i signed up so she has swapped that out for a previous months kit and i will receive it with my Jan kit(arriving any day now) Also she has a huge sale on as she making room for the new release so i went on last night and bought 2 more of her previous kits for like $15 or so each so that could be a good way of seeing a kit ( Remember to say i sent you as she has a cool offer on right now and if you refer 2 people she will give you a free kit)Anyway i had only intended to join one club but when Jennifer Moore put a post on her blog showing off really cool papers i just had to have a nosy so the next club i joined is this is an awesome place the monthly kit is $21.95 and as i said you can skip etc what is great about here is they give you 4 different lines each month with embellies etc i also have ordered a few extra specials with my first month , i have also joined up as a secret scrap sister and i am looking forward to that as it will be so exciting to try out other products i wouldn't have the chance too normally and its a great way of meeting lovely people.( also you get a referral RAK if someone joins up so tell her i sent you here too lol)So has anyone else joined some cool kit clubs , will i be tempted to join a 3rd? Right now i would say a definite no as i did search high and low for one that had really nice papers, i also researched there past kits to make sure the present one wasn't just a one off as with a lot of the kit clubs the papers seemed nice but when you went through their past ones there was more that i wouldn't use than i would so that would be a waste. some are all beautiful vintage style which i love but i am no good at whatsoever, I'm more of a clean line kinda girl(thanks Jackie as I'm sure there is some of your style in their to lol)
well that's all just wanted to post this as i know a few of you thinking of joining clubs so thought I'd share me experience

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Kat said...

hey, lady! love the new look of your blog. i actually subscribe to one kit club. it's called polka dot whimsy ( it is FABULOUS. chock full of good stuff. however, im not sure if she does international shipping or not. i would say it's worth it to send the lady an email to find out if she will ship internationally.