Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scrapbook Kit club December Kit just arrived

OMG this just fell through the door this morning and boy it made me smile. Thanks Amber for an amazing pack of goodies i love everything in it. This is also my first ever kit club so I'm very excited as I'm sure you can tell. Look how jam packed with different bits and bobs it is , one of the reasons I'm so loving this is there's alot in it that i would probably not thought of buying while out shopping so it will make me work outside my box so to speak. I also bought the card stock add on so i had matching card to go with. All of this with the CS add on was $29.50 USD and boy was it worth it (even though i had to ship to NZ its worth it. Well i need to sort through my pictures and get lots printed off to start using this lot. Roll on next week when my Jan kit arrives as it just has beautiful pics in it too(this was late as i only just joined it normally get kit 2nd week of each month)

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