Monday, February 1, 2010

Lucys new bedroom Clock

Here is a clock that i bought from my LSS to work on at a crop, but Gary had to work at the house that night so i didn't end up getting to go. Well I finally got it out yesterday and worked on it. You can't tell from the picture but all the little animals along the bottom of the page and the bird house are popping off the page, I had bought 2 sheets of the paper and hand cut them all out and used some 3D foam dots to add them on. Gary thought i could of made it more personal but the reason i didn't put pictures of her on it, was i want her to use it for years to come and didn't think she would appreciate baby pictures on it. Anyway I really like how it turned out, Think I may make another one now for the lounge


Laura said...

It looks lovely! That Bo Bunny paper is so cute :). I wanted to show you a clock that I made once:

Laura said...

hey,I was just thinking.. that if you wanted to put a photo on that clock of yours.. how about putting a frame there and you could change the picture each year!